Thursday, December 15, 2011


On Saturday morning, Nicole and I had a lovely brunch, mainly made up of prosciutto and Prosecco. The next step was to get to Vicenza, where we were visiting a friend. He told us trains were about half an hour so we went to the Venice train station and bought the next tickets. Unfortunately, the salesperson did not explain that this particular train took two hours. We were getting very nervous about missing our stop, but we finally got there. The next hurdle was getting in touch with Alberto. For some reason, our phones weren't working. Once we reached him, he told us to take a cab to the army base.

It was really great to see Alberto, who is stationed in Vicenza with the 503rd infantry. His army ball happened to fall on my birthday. We had fun catching up with him and meeting the people he lived and worked with.

One of Alberto's photos:

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