Wednesday, December 14, 2011


As I mentioned earlier, Malta is made up of three islands. The largest is Malta, the second largest is Gozo, and the smallest is Comino. On Thursday, December 1st, we decided to take a ferry to Gozo. We didn't have time to go to Comino, but we did go by it on the ferry.

Our budget hotel called us a gypsy cab, which was fairly sketchy and charged us a ridiculous amount. But that was the only way to get to the port because of how far it was from everything else. The ferry ride was less than half an hour and took us into a beautiful part of Gozo.

Going by Comino and approaching Gozo:

The port:

The main goal for the day was to go to the beach and we decided to go to the one below Calypso's Cave. Ancient Greek historians identified Gozo as Ogygia, Calypso's island. You can't actually go inside the cave because it's falling apart, but you can go above it and look below.

 The scaffolding is holding up the cave, which is on the verge of collapsing on itself:

After looking at the cave, we scrambled down the beach. While the path is normally easy, it was still recovering from Tuesday's storm. 

The sand in Ramla Bay is known for its orange-red color:

The water was so cold for Malta, but about as warm as Virginia Beach in the summer. I took the opportunity to go in so I could say I'd been swimming in December.

After the beach, we tried to catch a bus back to the ferry. It turns out that people on Gozo don't really believe in schedules. We ended up waiting nearly two hours instead of twenty minutes. We finally got back to Malta, where we had spa appointments.

After the spa, we went to a seafood restaurant by the hotel where I had the most amazing artichoke soup. We were so happy to have one beautiful and warm day on our trip!

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